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Blue Ocean-Profile 200dpi_edited_edited.jpg


I approached Heena to help me bring an idea (for many years) into reality with this piece.  I remembered an animation from my younger years and loved the idea of silhouette on a bright coloured background.  I wanted to use a picture from the milestone of my daughter’s first birthday to illustrate our relationship and bond in her younger years.


Heena was very receptive to my ideas and incorporated as much of my vision as possible.  She showed me a few drafts, listened to my input but also advised me on what would appear better. 


She generously took on board my feedback to produce something that was actually beyond my expectations.  I envisioned something simple but effective however I was presented with a visually arresting piece with layers, textures and colours that will one day become a sentimental and valuable heirloom.  I should say I am no expert in art but I was extremely happy with the result.

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